Zurn® Z1021WL-PC

Zurn® Z1021WL-PC Water Saver Trap Primer With Trap Ram, 1-1/2 in, NPT x Slip, Cast Brass, Polished Chrome

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The water saver trap primer utilizes the temporary 'head' of the waste water in the p-trap which occurs during use of certain plumbing fixtures (lavatories and drinking fountains). This temporary head of water is sufficient to cause an overflow through the connection to allow a small amount of water to flow by gravity through the floor to the floor drain trap primer connection. Therefore, the floor drain trap seal is maintained. The water saver trap primer is used where trapped drains are installed in locations which are used infrequently or in other conditions that might permit water seal to evaporate, allowing sewer gas or objectionable and contaminating odors to escape through the drain.

Zurn® Water Saver Trap Primer, 1-1/2 in Nominal, NPT x Slip End Style, Cast Brass, Polished Chrome

Nominal Size      :      1-1/2 in
End Style      :      NPT x Slip
Material      :      Cast Brass
Finish      :      Polished Chrome
  • Feeds the floor drain trap primer connection by use of gravity
  • Ensures a constant seal of fresh water in drain trap in drain trap
  • Very low repair rate as there are no moving parts no moving parts
  • Prevents the need for costly access doors
  • Zurn® Z1021 water saver trap primer, chrome-plated polished cast brass body with cleanout, ground joint elbow with 1-1/2 in NPT outlet
  • 1-1/2 in slip nuts and washers and reducing washer for 1-1/4 in sink tail piece hookup
  • Escutcheons and stainless steel braided primer hose with 1/2 in FNPT compression fittings
  • 1-piece waste elbow
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  • pdf Specification Sheet